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Welcome to 1217,
the Manchester Area Bus information repository
146 articles

Hi, This "1217" Wiki has been created in connection with my Manchester area Transport project.

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Did you know...

It is written that in 1824 John Greenwood started what is believed to be the first omnibus service in the country in Manchester .....

Now 184 years later, I am on a mission!. To locate any site that may have been used by the numerous undertakings that have existed in the area. From before the Manchester Carriage and Tramways company (if anyone has any information) through to the upstarts of the modern era like Jim Stones (no offence there!). I don't have all the history books, and some I do have, I cannot find.

If you know of locations, and better if you can add other information), your input is welcome

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For help use anyone else's help system - this one is the bare bones

C O N T E N T   W A R N I N G

Entries with no relevance to the site are liable for deletion
i.e. not within a reasonable distance of Piccadilly Gardens
Not related to public passenger transport
Beyond expectations in decency and civility

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Copryrights:  Initial material for this project has been lifted directly from other sites, including any links, but without any photographic material.   We do not assume any rights to the material, and if the owners so request, it would be removed.  It is intended to rework any material for presentation in this project.  All work on here is voluntary and there is no financial compensation of any form

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